My Visual Journal

Urinetown-Ring Theater

Coral Gables, Florida. September 26, 2010. Ryan Phillips, playing Bobby Strong, urges Valerie Roche, as Penelope Pennywise to have a heart in the dress rehersal of Urinetown. This was their first run-through with full costumes and lighting for the October 9 run of Urinetown at the Herman Ring Theater. Phillips and Roche are both juniors majoring in Bachelor of Fine Arts Musical Theatre. Photo by Lindsay Brown.

Coral Gables, Florida. September 25, 2010. Hope Cladwell, played by actor Sarah Schenkkan, tries to escape from the opressed masses at the end of Act 1 of Urinetown. Schenkkan is a senior BFA Musical Theatre major. The University of Miami's Jerry Herman Ring Theater presentation of Urinetown begins Wednesday October 9. The musical is self-aware and is set in a futuristic society where the public restroom facilities charge exorbant fees. Photo by Lindsay Brown.

Coral Gables, Florida. September 25, 2010. At the first run dress rehersal for the musical Urinetown, (left to right) Herrick Goldman, guest artist lighting designer, discusses the bubbles distribution on set of with Mike Desposito, Assistant Director, and Director Lynn McNutt. McNutt fears the bubbles are primarily dripping rather than becoming bubbles. The University of Miami's Herman Ring Theater performance of the comedic musical Urinetown is beginning its run Wedneday October 9. Photo by Lindsay Brown.

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