My Visual Journal

Miami South BMX

Miami, Florida. October 7, 2010. Giovanni Alvarez, who will be seven in a month, tries to decipher his race group for his first ever race at Miami South BMX October 7. Alvarez's dad says that he is a "fearless kid" who wanted to get into the sport because he loves motorcycles. Alvarez won his race for the day and went home with a black trophy that he chose. Track manager Bryan Loy says that the track has recently seen a surge of new riders between the ages of 5 and 7, and thinks the sport is making a comeback after a lull in the late-90s. Photo by Lindsay Brown.

Miami, Florida. October 7, 2010. Danny Malloy addresses parents at the October 7 Miami South BMX race. He spoke to the parents about the recent squirmish at a practice. Two teams practice at the Miami South BMX track: Prime Time, the more established team, and Storm Racing. When two riders got into a scuffle, a parent joined in and the other parents had concerns about the parent's conduct. Malloy warned the parents during the meeting that actions had been taken to prevent the issue from reoccuring as well as urging parents to get involved volunteering at the track. Malloy has been the volunteer announcer for the track for 18 years. Track manager Bryan Loy said of Malloy, "Nobody makes and money out here, it's all volunteer." Photo by Lindsay Brown.

Miami, Florida. October 7, 2010. Justin Azara closes his eyes for a moment before beginning his race at Miami South BMX. Azara said he thought "about winning" before the race. Azara is the number one rider in the 5 and under age group in the state of Florida and has a race next week in Palm Beach. "I'm so proud," said his father Arnaldo. Photo by Lindsay Brown.

Miami, Florida. October 7, 2010. Christian Schenker, 12, watches other BMX riders practice at Miami South BMX October 7. Schenker has been riding for 8 years. Photo by Lindsay Brown.

Miami, Florida. October 7, 2010. Riders scramble to figure out who is riding in their heat at Miami South BMX. Every Friday, riders practice from 6:30-8 p.m. before beginning races. Miami South BMX has a Summer Series where races accumulate points throughout the season at the Friday races. Miami South BMX opened in 1989 and was called Pine Ridge Park. BMX was a much more popular sport in the nineties with hundreds of riders coming to each race. On Thursday fifty riders competed which was up from the past few years where BMX was, "dead" as track director Bryan Loy put it. In the nineties there were 50 tracks in Florida, but today there are only five. Loy hypothesizes that the sports resurgence is due to former BMX riders from the early nineties getting their young children into the sport. Jose Camp, a BMX rider since 1977, said that it is a good thing for kids to be involved in because, "It's a good clean sport, that's the best part." Photo by Lindsay Brown.


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