My Visual Journal

Koko and Wendy

Xrays of Koko my foster cat. Chipped pevis from probably being hit by car some time ago.

Wendy Kliment before and after. A sort of heartwarming story of a fellow Leo fighting for her rights:

Burglary victim Wendy Kliment stands across the road from the pawn shop where she found her stolen jewelry. She thought she got a lucky break when she found some of her stolen jewelry at a Fort Lauderdale pawn shop, but she was asked to fork over $1,100 to reclaim her belongings. Kliment, who is on crutches after a recent foot surgery, hasn't paid the pawn shop, and is challenging to get her jewelry back at a court hearing later this week. Lindsay Brown/Sun Sentinel

Wendy Kliment holds the jewelry that was returned to her Friday for the first time after it was stolen from her home on Valentine's day. The jewelry had been sold to a pawn shop and the shop wanted to charge her for her stolen possessions. Court ruled Friday that the pawn shop had to return her jewelry to her free of cost. Lindsay Brown/South Florida Sun Sentinel

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