My Visual Journal

South Miami BMX

“The answer to winning a BMX race is simple, pedal more than everybody else.” — Greg A. Hill, former professional BMX rider

BMX (bicycle motocross) riders from around Florida compete during the semi-finals of the Florida State Series Qualifiers 5 and 6 at the South Miami BMX track.

Benjamin Ramos-Rodriguez talks about the recently posted motos (races). Benjamin placed second in the six and under age group last year and his grandpa carries around the results in his pocket to show off. His grandpa said, "If I live long enough, I want to take him to see the Tour De France."

Blake Wellins aka "Tum Tum" plays with a bmx toy set before his bmx race at the Florida State Series Qualifiers 5 and 6. Wellins competes for Force Racing in the 9 Cruiser division.

Jake Johnson looks on as a Prime Time rider does a practice lap Saturday. To get members out to work on the track, Miami South BMX held practice from 1 p.m. to 6 p.m. for $5.

Doug Johnson relaxes with son Jake in the bed of his truck during practice before the Friday races at Miami South BMX. Jake, 13, rode when he was younger but took a few years off before a recent spur of interest. Jake finished first in his moto for the night.

Giovanni Alvarez, who will be seven in a month, tries to decipher his race group for his first ever race at South Miami BMX October 7. Alvarez's dad says that he is a "fearless kid" who wanted to get into the sport because he loves motorcycles. Alvarez won his race for the day.

Racers from the Storm Racer team and Prime Time line up for a National Anthem flag lap before starting races Saturday. The two teams are based at the Miami South BMX track where the races were held.

Riders hike the hill up to the start line during practice November 20. Riders were invited to practice while their parents worked on the track.

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