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“If a photographer cares about the people before the lens and is compassionate, much is given. It is the photographer, not the camera, that is the instrument.”—Eve Arnold

Lima, Ohio. Swimmers compete in the 200 meter individual medley at the Lima Area Coaches Association 2011 Holiday Invitational. This photo effect was created by contrasting a bright streak of window light against the dull indoor pool lighting.

Lima, Ohio. The Shawnee High School drum line marches at the beginning of the 37th Bath Band Spectacular at the Bath High School Stadium. In this first segment of the competition, all but one band performed an Ohio State University “Best Damn Band in the Land” marching band song.

Unicorporated Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Burglary victim Wendy Kliment stands across the road from the pawn shop where she found her stolen jewelry. She thought she got a lucky break when she found some of her stolen jewelry at a Fort Lauderdale pawn shop, but she was asked to fork over $1,100 to reclaim her belongings. Kliment, who is on crutches after a recent foot surgery, hasn’t paid the pawn shop, and is challenging to get her jewelry back at a court hearing.

Chase Robbins

Havre, Montana. Chase Robbins, of Marsing, Idaho, flies off a bull during the Great Northern Bull Dazzle in the Bigger Better Barn at the Great Northern Fair Grounds.

Lima, Ohio. Ottawa-Glandorf cheerleaders react as a Bath cheerleader falls doing a back handspring before a Friday night basketball game in the Bath gymnasium.

Lima, Ohio. Sisters (left to right) Jayda, Jazmine and Jainiece Burkholder throw leaves into the air after raking them into a pile in front of their house on a Sunday afternoon in Lima.

Miami Gardens, Florida. Senior Wide Receiver Leonard Hankerson holds his head after a failed third down conversion; he was escorted off the field by trainers. Hankerson’s dropped passes ended two critical Miami drives during the October 9 45-17 loss to Florida State University. The team captain led the team with five completed passes for 112 yards.

Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Senior Sergeant Kevin Finn instructs the Miami and Fort Lauderdale mounted police units at Huizenga Plaza in downtown Fort Lauderdale Thursday June 16. The units get together about once a month to work on crowd control formations and to familiarize the horses with each other. “This is a dying breed, It’s a shame,” said Miami sergeant Rafael Toirac of mounted police. Miami-Dade country disbanded its unit last year, but Toriac thinks that mounted police are cheaper and more effective than patrol cars. The horses are all donated and it only costs $4-5 a day to feed them. “The cost of one gallon of gas,” Toirac said. Mounted police are assigned an area to patrol, ticket and arrest like their car-driving counterparts. Their slow pace and welcoming horses get people to talk to them more than police officers in cars. “People like horses, they know we aren’t just here to be mean,” Toirac said. Even known criminals come to pet the horse because they have children and young relatives. “We even solved a murder last year,” Finn said. Currently, Miami has 10 mounted police and Fort Lauderdale has about 5.

Havre, Montana. Gunnar Aageson pole vaults at the Havre Invitational Track Meet.

Havre, Montana. Gunnar Aageson pole vaults at the Havre Invitational Track Meet.

Lima, Ohio. Kimberly Kohen watches in shock as defendant Demond Jones has an outburst yelling “Yea, I killed the bitch” during the announcement of the guilty verdicts for the murder of Kohen’s mother-in-law. Jones was sentenced to life without parole because he was deemed mentally unfit for the death sentence.

Coral Gables, Florida. Senior Jazz Studies major Tyler Bernhardt poses during a portrait session for his upcoming album, What Is This.

Lima, Ohio. Kayla McCallister hugs her sister Hunter after her call-to-duty. Kayla and more than a hundred other Ohio Army National Guard’s 37th Infantry Brigade Combat troops were called-to-duty at the Sunday morning ceremony. It will be Kayla’s first tour of duty.

Ada, Ohio. Ohio Northern’s no. 34 Kara Dysert and Heidleberg’s no. 15 Page Ricketts watch as Dystert’s shot heads toward the net during the first half of Wednesday’s game against Heidelberg. Lindsay Brown/The Lima News

Coral Gables, Florida. “I’m never coming back, mine look like worms”, says Ardyce Grevior a 84-year-old student in the Wednesday Chinese Calligraphy class at the Coral Gable Senior Citizen Center. It is the first time Grevior had tries Chinese Calligraphy, and she is frustrated with the results, “I’m never going to be good at it.”

Winning in the Snow

Big Sandy’s Jessey Bailey (center) cheers after scoring the winning touchdown during the snowy Saturday, November 10 class C six-man football game against Valier. Big Sandy’s win advanced the team to the six-man state championship game at Hot Springs.

Minster, Ohio. Racers keep warm by jogging before the gun start of the Oktoberfest 10K race in Minster. Over 1,500 runners participated in the Sunday morning race.

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